Inspire Learning FAQs

At home

Are pupils able to take their device home?

Yes, pupils with individual devices are able to take them home and will be able to enjoy the benefits of being able to use their devices for educational purposes at home, with or without wifi access.

The iPad will be used for in class work as well as relevant homework assignments. Only in exceptional circumstances will pupils not be permitted to take devices home. Should you have a concern about the device being brought home, this can be discussed with the headteacher of your child’s school.

At home, family members can make use of the device and the pre-loaded educational apps. Internet filtering would continue to apply at home, however that would still allow access to many internet services, including our online services. Parents and young people will not be able to download any apps onto the device.

My child already has an iPad/tablet? So does this mean they will get another one?

Yes, the device we will provide will be specifically programmed for education, securely managed and pre-loaded with specific apps which wouldn’t be the case for regular iPads children and young people may have at home.

Do they give it back, and when?

The device will be refreshed every four years and returned when the young person leaves school.

What if we don’t have wifi at home?

Children and young people should be able to complete school work without internet access. One of the advantages of the iPad is that it has sufficient memory to store materials required to complete academic work. Students will be provided time to download necessary materials during the school day. A wifi connection at home will enable a student and their family to access the internet on the device.

Will I need to sign any kind of agreement?

Yes, there will be a Home to School Agreement sent out by schools that parents/carers will need to sign.

Will parents be given any training or help to assist children at home?

We will be encouraging schools to provide the opportunity for parents and the wider school community to engage in the Inspire Learning programme. Individual schools can make decisions around what extra support could be provided if required. Schools will be provided with helpful websites for parents in using Microsoft 365 tools through Glow.

What happens if my child’s iPad is lost or stolen?

The loss should be reported to a teacher as soon as possible. They will be able to request that the devices is remotely locked or wiped, and that its location is tracked. If stolen, it should also be reported to the police.

Is there IT support for my iPad when I am at home?

If you need help, you should seek support in the first instance from your local Digital Leader of Learning when you return to school. They will be able to help diagnose the problem and report any faults to our IT support team, if required. 

Will this improve school to home communication?

Yes, as it is hoped that parents will be able to see how their child’s learning is progressing through the use of specialist apps.