Inspire Learning FAQs

In the classroom

How will the iPad be used in the classroom?

Learning in schools will continue to be active and varied. The device will be used as a learning enhancement tool both within and outside of the classroom environment.

The initial focus for the team will be on improving feedback to students so that the pace of progress in quicker and motivation/engagement is increased. The teacher and young person will be able to share work instantly, electronically during lessons and as part of homework. 

The device is not intended to be used as a replacement for traditional learning tools but will augment and improve the learning experience and help young people to develop technology skills to enhance their outcomes and future employability.

How will the programme actually work in schools?

All teachers will be provided with a device equipped with all the software required to deliver fully controlled lessons. The Apple solution turns a teacher’s iPad into a powerful teaching aid, helping the teacher guide pupils through a lesson, see their progress, keep them on track, provide feedback and assessment quickly.

Do teachers have targets around how often they should be using the technology in class?

No, but we will be expecting teachers to engage fully in the programme and maximise all opportunities to use the technology wherever possible. We will have an oversight of data whicih will show the level of use across schools.

Through the training and development programme, best practice within the Borders, and the wider community of global Apple users will be shared with teachers to support them in making the best possible use of the technology in learning and teaching.

Do teachers have full control over pupils’ devices?

Yes, the teacher will have control of every device in the learning environment in order to provide a personalised, safe and flexible learning experience for all.

Do teachers have the ability to lock screens/freeze iPads for pupils in class?


Can teachers see pupils history?


Can my child get a keyboard?

Yes, we will provide equipment such as keyboards to pupils on a case by case basis depending on the requirement(s) and needs of the pupils.

How often will pupils use their device at school?

This will be entirely dependent on the learning in the classroom. Young people will not be using their iPads all the time though, but appropriate to the learning.

Will there be charging points in school?


What happens if my child leaves their iPad at home or forgets to charge it?

The expectation is that pupils arrive at school ready to learn and with the resources they need, including their device. In respect of an iPad, that would be to have it at least 80% charged. The cost of fully charging an iPad over a full year is £1.09. Headteachers can make local decisions about charging in an emergency.

Young people who forget their devices would need to make notes using other resources, such as paper, and would be expected to bring their iPad the next day.

Do schools have spare iPads for new starts etc?

Yes, all schools will have access to a supply of devices for this purpose, as well as to allow for any breakages etc.

What would happen when schools are closed due to adverse weather/child is ill?

Children and young people will increasingly be able to access materials on their school Glow site and be able to submit homework online. This would include having access to any work missed due to illness.