Inspire Learning FAQs

Teaching and learning

How will it improve teaching and learning?

Similar programmes have already been rolled out across schools in the UK, and globally including:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Italy

Results to date are well documented, with strong fundamental evidence that in all cases academic performance has consistently improved and engagement and motivation of students has increased. 

There is also a link between developing critical skills needed for the twenty first century which prove essential for employment opportunities in the future, especially in the south of Scotland.

It has long been established that excellent teaching leads to excellent educational outcomes for learners. If we can utilise digital technology to enhance teaching and learning, we can also help to improve educational outcomes for all learners. It is vital that Scottish Borders enables its learners to benefit in this way.

Digital technology can also make a substantial contribution by enriching education across all areas of curriculum for excellence, and in fact, open up access to a wider range of learning opportunities.

Learning opportunities

  • access to a multitude of additional online educational content, as well as being able to create new digital content that can support education
  • the chance to collaborate online with others from across the Scottish Borders, Scotland and the world
  • access to senior phase qualifications through digital solutions
  • the delivery of learning in a digital context, using digital tools and services that better aligns with learners’ experience of today’s digital world
  • instant and personalised feedback through digital assessments which also reduces marking time, enabling this time to be devoted to quality learning and teaching
  • llive video streaming and other digital tools and services that all the potential for online distance learning

For further information, the Scottish Government has published information on the impact of digital technology on learning and teaching.

How will it improve the assessment process?

Assessment is an integral part of learning and teaching and digital technology has significant potential to improve the assessment process. If utilised appropriately it can help to reduce teacher workload across our schools and ensure a more efficient assessment process both in terms of the assessment time itself and the time required to provide results and feedback.

Digital assessment platforms can also easily provide personalised feedback to individual learners, this feedback can then be utilised by educators to ensure that learners focus on areas in most need of improvement. The time saved can instead be used to enrich learning and teaching.

Will my child still learn how to read and write?

The Inspire Learning programme does not replace these core skills for learning. In fact, evidence has shown that access to this technology improves development across all ages and areas because it improves pupil engagement, motivation and confidence.

George Couros

"Technology won’t replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational."

Do teachers all know how to use/work the new technology?

Ongoing training is provided to all teachers to ensure they are confident using the technology. The support for professional learning is of the highest quality and a specially trained team will support teachers throughout the lifetime of the programme.

It will be our teachers and not the digital technology itself that will be the key to delivering improved educational outcomes for our children and young people. Our children and young people will only get the most out of digital technology when it is skilfully deployed to support their learning. It is vital therefore that we invest in our educators so they have the skills, confidence and knowledge to know when and how digital technology can be deployed effectively.

Our educators will be key agents of change and this is reflected in Education Scotland’s technologies impact report.

What support is in place for teachers?

A full training and development programme is in place for teachers. We are absolutely committed to supporting all teachers with training and development as part of the programme.

How else will schools benefit?

As part of the proposal all schools in the Borders will benefit from:

  • the expansion of Wifi to provide fast and reliable internet access in every school
  • flexible audio visual learning spaces through equipping classrooms with a wireless, efficient technology solution
  • classroom management and education software to support learning in and outwith our new school Digital Leaders programme and many more benefits