Homelessness support

If you are homeless or facing the threat of homelessness within the next two months, you must contact Homelessness Services and ask to speak to the duty officer.

We have a responsibility to provide you with housing information, advice and assistance in accordance with the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.

If you are a woman fleeing domestic violence you may prefer to contact the Borders branch of Women's Aid.

What help is available?  

Our duty officer will arrange an interview which you must attend. You will get information and advice about your housing options and be assessed on whether you are eligible for the service. Tell us of any particular requirements, for example, a male/female interviewer or sign language interpreter.

Homeless service eligibility

To be eligible for a homeless service, you must be able to show that you:

  • are homeless
  • are not intentionally homeless
  • are unable to remain in your home due to domestic abuse, medical, financial, overcrowding or any other significant reason
  • have a local connection

If you have no immediate accommodation you will normally be provided with temporary accommodation for a reasonable period (usually 28 days). This allows us to determine the extent of our responsibility to you and to establish if you qualify for permanent accommodation.

Download homelessness service leaflets and guidance