Temporary Homeless Accommodation

Under certain circumstances we have a legal obligation to provide temporary accommodation, if it is required.

Our Housing Management Team will discuss available temporary accommodation options with you. Our temporary accommodation is normally individual, furnished properties but on occasion we may explore Bed and Breakfast accommodation for a short period.

How do I access Temporary Accommodation?

If you require temporary accommodation you should contact the service to discuss this.

We aim to meet you at the property to show you around and how to use the heating and utilities. We will also complete an occupancy agreement with you that tells you more about the terms of your stay in temporary accommodation.

If it is not possible to meet you at the property we will arrange to call you and talk you through what is provided and how to use the heating and utilities. We will also talk you through the terms of your Occupancy Agreement and arrange a time to come and complete this with you.

Where will the accommodation be?

When identifying temporary accommodation we consider a range of issues such as access to, education, employment, and support. We will make every reasonable effort to offer you accommodation that maintains these connections in the area of your choice.

Due to the demand for accommodation and the geography of the Scottish Borders it may not be possible to offer you temporary accommodation in your preferred area.

How long will I be in temporary accommodation?

If you are assessed as unintentionally homeless you will be able to reside in temporary accommodation until permanent housing is made available to you.

If you are not assessed as unintentionally homeless you will be able to reside in temporary accommodation for a reasonable period.

Temporary accommodation Costs

If you are unemployed or on a low income you may be entitled to Housing Benefit to help towards the cost of your rent. We will support you to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction and discuss how much you may have to pay towards the cost of accommodation from your income.

You will be responsible for paying your Council Tax, Gas and Electric bills.

We will notify the utility supplier that you are the new tenant. We will provide you with information on how to manage and use the utility meters and the name/s of your supplier.

If you are struggling to meet the costs associated with temporary accommodation we will provide advice or signpost you to other services that may be able to assist you.  

What will happen with my personal belongings?

If you are Homeless and require temporary accommodation we may be able to assist with the storage of your furnishings and personal belongings or provide you with information around local storage providers and how to apply for funding to pay for this. We are not able to provide removals for the collection of your items, however you should discuss this with your case officer who may be able to assist with applying for appropriate grants to assist with removal costs.

Where storage is provided by us, we will continue to provide this until you are permanently rehoused, if you are assessed as unintentionally homeless. If you are not assessed as unintentionally homeless, storage will be provided for a reasonable period.

Should you leave items in temporary accommodation this will be placed in storage for a period of six months. We will attempt to contact you where possible, however if you do not arrange collection of your items within this timeframe your items will be disposed of.

Access to the storage unit can only be provide during working hours by pre-arranged appointment.

Your Pets

You must request permission to take your pets into temporary accommodation with you. A small number of our properties are not able to accommodate pets and permission will not be granted. Failing to obtain permission will breach your occupancy agreement. 

You must sign an additional agreement confirming that:

  • You will take good care of your pet
  • You will keep your pet under control at all times
  • You will clean up after your pet
  • You will be financially charged for any damage to the property caused by your pet.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is wide ranging and includes disputes with neighbours, noise, substance abuse and serious harassment or criminal activity. ASB happens when someone causes, or is likely to cause, alarm or distress on more than one occasion to anyone who is not another member of their household.

It can be:

  • causing a nuisance by rowdy or noisy behaviour
  • intimidation or harassment
  • criminal damage or vandalism
  • drug or substance abuse
  • misuse of public space, including littering
  • abandoned cars and other car crimes

As a tenant you are responsible for the behaviour of your household and your visitors. If you act in an Anti-Social manner you may place your occupancy at risk.

When you report ASB, we aim to respond promptly. Serious reports are given priority and will be investigated immediately. We might also speak to neighbours or witnesses and contact other agencies for information that may help the investigation.

How to Report Anti-Social Behaviour

You can contact Homeless Service Direct on 01896 661385 or alternatively you can contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit on 0300 1001800

If someone’s life or health is in danger call 999.


Find out what to do if you experience a repair issue in temporary accommodation

Leaving Temporary Accommodation

You should notify Homeless Services when you planning to leave or are no longer resident within the property. You are responsible for the property until the keys are returned or the tenancy has officially ended. Failure to do so may result in additional costs.

If we believe you are no longer resident in the property we will follow an abandonment process to recover the property