Temporary Accommodation Repairs

We have a responsibility to complete repairs within a reasonable timescale.

How do I report a Repair?

All repairs should be reported as quickly as possible to Homelessness Services.

If you smell gas you should report this immediately to National Gas Emergency hotline on 0800 111 999

How quickly will my repairs be completed?

There are three categories of repairs Emergency, Urgent or Routine.

Emergency Repairs

An emergency repair is where there is a severe risk to people or property, caused by a significant hazard. These should be reported to the Homelessness Service as an emergency and contractors aim to be with you within 2 hours.

Urgent Repairs

An urgent repair would cause further damage to the property if unattended, or would cause undue risk or inconvenience to the residents of the property. These should be reported to the Homelessness Service during working hours and we aim to be with you within 1 working day.

Routine Repairs

Routine repairs are non-urgent repairs, which may cause inconvenience, immediate repair would not present further risk to people or property. Timescales for repairs of this type are usually within 5 working days.

Other useful contacts



Gas Leak Emergency

0800 111 999

Scottish Power Energy Networks

(Mains power issues)

0800 092 9290

Scottish Power

0800 027 0072


03303 337442

Scottish Southern Electricity (SSE)

0345 600 2006

EDF Energy

0333 200 5100

British Gas

0333 202 9802

E:ON Energy

0808 501 5200

E Energy

0333 103 9575

Emergency Services