Scotland's floral gateway competition

This is an annual competition for community groups in the Scottish Borders.

The 2019 competition is closed.

Judging is expected to take place during the two weeks commencing Monday 29 July 2019 (subject to numbers of entries received and availability of judges). Results and prize-giving event is to be held on Tuesday 24 September 2019.


There are five classes which communities can enter:

  • Wee Village with a maximum population of 300
  • Small Village with a population between 301 and 1,000
  • Large Village with a population between 1,001 and 2,500
  • Town with a population over 2,500
  • Champion of Champions each class winner from the previous year judged against each other

Community Awards

You can enter the Community Awards even if you are not entering the Floral Gateway competition.

The Community Awards are:

  • The Welcome Award - For first time entrants (or those returning after a lengthy absence) to the Floral Gateway competition
  • The Quality of Life Award – One or more award in each of our five areas (Berwickshire, Cheviot, Eildon, Teviot and Liddesdale and Tweeddale). This award will recognise the significant impact that a project, initiative or ongoing community involvement in each area has made to support, promote and enhance the quality of life in that area
  • The Clean and Tidy AwardThis award will be determined by the points given for ‘Cleanliness’ as part of the judging of the Floral Gateway competition
  • The Border Biodiversity Award – Where a project, initiative or community wishes to be considered for their efforts in increasing the biodiversity of the region. This could be through local food production, recycling or through enhancing the region as a result of changed environmental management or maintenance

Why should my community enter?

Communities find that local people take pride in their environment. This has made them:

  • more aware of their surroundings
  • less likely to litter/graffiti
  • want to improve the look of their area

Taking part in the Floral Gateway competition has given many communities the confidence required to go forward to take part in the Beautiful Scotland competition.


Judging takes place in late July/early August and the competition is judged across three areas:

  • Floral presentation
  • Cleanliness
  • Community involvement

Points are awarded against each area and the community with the highest score wins.

The judging is based on the visual appearance of:

  • public park and open spaces
  • public and private gardens
  • allotments
  • churches
  • war memorials
  • schools
  • industrial areas
  • business premises

Entrants are also able to demonstrate the strength of community involvement by use of on site meetings with the judges or by presenting portfolios to judges showing year round events and initiatives in their communities.

Want to do more?

If your community is already proactive and wants to play its part, or your community would like to start a group making a difference on an environmental issue such as biodiversity, In Bloom, litter or dog fouling, we would like to hear from you .