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Storm Arwen - path closures 7 December 2021

Many paths across the Scottish Borders have been affected by fallen trees during Storm Arwen.

In some areas paths have been completely blocked and may have to remain closed until the debris can be cleared or alternative routes identified.

Due to the scale of works required, this may take several weeks to complete in some places.

Please be aware of this when planning a walk, cycle or other journey in the Scottish Borders countryside.

In the meantime, please  be cautious of any fallen  or hazardous trees and avoid affected paths.

Paths around towns

Each booklet contains routes to suit different abilities with paths ranging in lengths from 2km-22km (1 mile-13 and a half miles) as well as

  • maps
  • route descriptions
  • historical and wildlife information

Download Paths Around booklets.

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Town trails

Our town trails routes lead you on a walk through the streets of the principal towns in the Borders. Accompanying town trails booklets provide information about the rich history and architecture of these settlements.

Some of the Paths around towns booklets include a map of the corresponding town trail.

Scotland’s Great Trails

Six Scottish Borders' routes are part of Scotland's Great Trails. Each route has its own unique character:

Hillwalking in the Scottish Borders

The hills in the Scottish Borders fall within the Southern Uplands range. There are a number of quality hill walking days to be experienced in these rolling moorland hills.

Hills in the Scottish Borders

With five hills over 750m (2460ft) we have a long history of being a destination for hillwalkers.

We have 38 Donald hills (regional hill list) and two Corbetts (national hill list).

A full list of Donalds, including links to further reading, is included in Walk the Donalds, Sub Munro hill list.

Upland landscape and habitats

The hills in the Southern Uplands within the region are largely managed as hill farms, for grazing sheep or cattle, and as grouse moors.

Therefore we recommend that you take extra care:

  • during April and May because of lambing
  • during April, May and June because of nesting birds
  • From 12 August to 10 December grouse shoots take place in various locations
  • from 1 October to 1 February pheasant shoots take place on farm and estate moorlands

Union Chain Bridge

Find out about the Union Chain Bridge and local walks around the bridge.

For further information on recommended hill routes or wildlife contact the ranger service.