Teviot and Liddesdale area partnership

Teviot and Liddesdale area partnership meetings

How to get involved

Anyone can get involved in Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership, which is chaired by Councillor Neil Richards and meets five times a year across the Teviot and Liddesdale area. 

As a Teviot and Liddesdale resident, you can find out more about the issues that are affecting your locality and give the Partnership your views on how we and our Community Planning Partners can provide better services in your locality.

Check the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership meetings schedule to find out when and where the next meeting is taking place.

For more information, contact the Democratic Services Officer online.

Recent activity




Notes from meeting on 22 March

Community Fund

Two applications to the Community Fund Pot A were successful.

  • Town of a Thousand Trails were awarded  £1,434.83
  • Hawick Community Council were awarded  £1,915.45

Other business

We also heard updates on:

  • Place Making
  • Teviot & Liddesdale weekly Community Assistance Hub meetings
  • Climate Change / Net Zero
  • Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

Special meeting on 7 December

A special meeting of Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership was held on Tuesday 7 December, to review the Community Fund applications. The results from this round of applications are listed on the Teviot and Liddesdale Community Fund page. Following the bad weather, there was also an update on the impacts of storm Arwen.