Teviot and Liddesdale area partnership

About Teviot and Liddesdale

Teviot and Liddesdale has the second-smallest land area and the smallest population of the five area partnerships in Scottish Borders. Its population in 2021 was 17,724. Download a map of the Teviot and Liddesdale area.

It has only one main town, Hawick, with a population of 13,586 in 2021. Over three quarters of the population of Teviot and Liddesdale lives in Hawick.

Teviot and Lidddesdale has only two other settlements of more than 500 people. These are:

  • Newcastleton (768)
  • Denholm (710)

Annual population estimates for settlements over 500 people are recorded by National Records of Scotland.

Teviot and Liddesdale has the most clustered population out of the five Area Partnerships, with only 15% (2,660 people) living outside these three main settlements.

Population figures for settlements of less than 500 people are collected by the decennial Population Census.

Villages in Teviot and Liddesdale with a population of less than 500, that were recorded by the 2011 Census, include:

  • Hassendean and Minto (230)
  • Bonchester Bridge and Hobkirk (207)
  • Chesters and Southdean (156)
  • Roberton and Borthwickshiels (105)
  • Teviothead (62)
  • Crumhaugh (59)

Population change

Teviot and Liddesdale has been slowly losing population for many years, and this trend has continued to the present day although it has affected the locality unevenly. The biggest losses have been in Hawick, which lost 3.2% of its population between 2011 and 2019. However, Denholm bucked the trend in the same period, with an 8.6% increase in population. There was also an increase in Newcastleton of 2.6%.