Grasscutting and bedding plant provision FAQs

What is the review?

We maintain

  • 635 hectares of greenspace overall
  • 245 hectares of amenity grass across over 3250 individual plots (including cemeteries and employment land)

However, as part of the Neighbourhood Services review, some parks and open spaces, grass verges and some amenity grass areas, including steeply sloping ground and bedding plant provision will look different as we change our grass cutting service across the Borders.

The changes are required to ensure financial sustainability for the service as well as improving environmental sustainability.

What will remain the same

All grass areas in key civic spaces and high amenity areas which are popular sites for visitors will continue to be maintained at current levels, as will sports pitches.

What will change

General amenity sites and bedding plant provision will see changes to their maintenance.

Areas under review

There are a number of sites we maintain which do not belong to us. We intend to review these arrangements and, where appropriate, agree a new arrangement with the third party or community concerned.