Flood protection

Publication of Hawick Flood Protection Scheme

We have published the documents and drawings for the scheme. 

Flood risk management plan

Interim reports have been published for Scotland's Local Flood Risk Management Plans (LFRMP). The plans show how flooding will be managed over a six year period in each area including funding and the timetable for deliveirng actions identified in the plan.

We are the lead authority for the Tweed area and have produced the Tweed LFRMP.

Interim reports

Full plans

SEPA have also produced Flood Risk Management Strategies which aim to co-ordinate efforts to tackle flooding in Scotland.

As part of the development of the Tweed LFRMP, a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) screening report was completed and it was determined that a full SEA was not required.

Flood protection schemes

Several flood protection projects have been completed or are planned for towns across the Scottish Borders.

These include:

  • Galashiels Flood Prevention Scheme: completed 201
  • Jedburgh (Skiprunning Burn) Flood Protection Scheme: completed 2016
  • Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme: completed 2016
  • Hawick: ongoing

Flood cameras

Check the water levels at priority grilles in place across the Scottish Borders.

How residents can help themselves