What goes in each bin or bag

What can go in your recycling bin or bags

The items you can recycle in your blue lidded bin or in clear recycling bags are:

  • aerosol cans
  • aluminium foil, foil trays - clean and food free
  • cardboard boxes - please flatten and put in your bin or place larger boxes at the side of your bin
  • cardboard packaging - cereal boxes, kitchen and toilet roll tubes and ready meal sleeves
  • food and drinks cans
  • food and drink cartons, e.g. tetra paks
  • paper - catalogues and brochures, magazines and newspapers, telephone directories and yellow pages, unwanted mail and envelopes
  • plastics - carrier bags (no black bags), clean plastic food trays (no black trays), margarine tubs and yogurt pots, film and wrappers, plastic bottles (all types)

Recycling guidance

To recycle more effectively please:

  • 'wash 'n' squash' plastic bottles - replace tops, food and drinks cans and cartons
  • ensure materials are clean with no food residue left on the packaging
  • flatten cardboard boxes
  • place materials loose in your recycling bin, you do not need to bag them

What can not go in your recycling bin or bags

Please do not put any of the following items in your blue lidded bin or clear recycling bags:

  • glass bottles and jars - these can be recycled at your nearest recycling point
  • clothing and shoes - these can be recycled at your nearest textile bank
  • polystyrene - this cannot be recycled at the present time and should go into your grey-lidded general waste wheeled bin
  • garden waste - find out what to do with garden waste