What goes in each household bin

What can go in your general waste bin or bag

General waste bins or bags

General waste bins have a grey lid, and waste is collected every 2 weeks from all households. 

What can go in your general waste bin or bag

  • Non-recyclable waste only such as nappies, polystyrene, cold ash, crisp packets and pet waste

What can not go in your general waste bin or bag

  • Recycling – paper, card, cans and plastics – place these in your recycling bin
  • Paint – this is not suitable for collection in our compaction vehicles – take these to a Community Recycling Centre.
  • Hot ash

Hot Ash

Hot ash poses a significant fire risk when disposed of in a bin. Ash can appear cold on the outside but can often reignite and poses a serious risk to the public, collection crews and property.
To ensure that any fire risk is minimised please:

  • Set aside any hot ash or burnt materials for a few days to cool or alternatively soak the ash and leave to dry
  • Place the cold and dried ash in a sealed bag
  • Dispose of carefully in your general waste bin

Hazardous dust/debris

Loose ash and dust can pose a significant health hazard to anyone in close contact with them causing various health issues.

In order to protect the health of our staff and minimise the risk posed by these, please ensure all ash, dust and debris is placed in a sealed bag before being disposed of.

Examples of hazardous dust/debris includes:

  • Vacuum cleaner waste
  • DIY debris
  • Fire ash

Top tips for general waste

It’s important to minimise the amount of waste you put in your general waste bin to reduce our impact on the environment.

Before you bin your waste, please think whether items could:

Find out why getting it right is important to reduce the contamination (wrong stuff) in our bins. 

You can help us to make collections as quick, easy and safe as possible for our collection crews by following our bin presentation guidance.  

Find out why we need to recycle and what happens to your waste after collection.

Waste and recycling

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