Missed bin collections

This webpage displays any missed collections that have not been carried out due to operational issues and have been reported to us by our staff members.

If your bin has not been collected as scheduled and is not listed below, please report it via our report a missed collection page.

Leave your bin/bags at the collection point but be mindful to ensure paths remain accessible for pedestrians and other users.

We will make every effort to return for your bin but there may be occasions when we are unable to do so. If we have not returned to empty your bin within five working days of your scheduled collection, remove your bin from the collection point. In this instance we will collect extra waste on your next scheduled collection day. Present the extra waste in bags at the side of your wheeled bin. We cannot accept recycling presented in black bags.

General Waste Collections

Small Pickup Vehicle Roxburgh areas - Tuesday 9 April

  • Due to a shortage of staff the general waste collections serviced by our pickup vehicle were unable to be carried out across the Roxburgh area today. This includes a small number of properties in Hawick, Jedburgh, Kelso and surrounding rural areas.
  • We are hopeful that we will be able to recover these bins/bags before the end of the week. Residents and trade waste customer are advised to leave their bins/ bags presented.
  • If we have not returned for the bins within 5 working days to remove their bin from the collection point and in this instance we will collect any extra general waste on the next scheduled collection day.

Recycling Collections


Food Waste Collections