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Report a missed household waste or recycling collection

Before reporting that your waste or recycling has been missed check our dedicated missed bin collections page and only report a missed collection if your area isn't listed.

Also check that the waste or recycling:

  • was at the designated collection point from 7am
  • was out on the correct day, check which day your bin is collected
  • did not contain the wrong stuff
  • was correctly presented
  • was not too heavy

If we are unable to collect a bin because it has not been presented correctly, we will put a hanger on the bin to let you know why. Please see our contamination process for information on what to do next, and check out what goes in each bin.

For full details of how to present your bin, please see our service overview and bin presentation guidance.

Please only report a missed bin collection if your area is not listed as a known missed collection.

Business or trade customers should not use this form to report a missed bin. Find out about Trade waste and recycling collections.

Winter weather

During periods of winter weather such as snow or ice, we may experience significant problems with collections.

If your bin was missed due to winter weather please don't report this as a missed bin collection as we know which areas we've been unable to collect and will try to return as soon as possible. Follow our winter guidance during winter weather and check social media for updates.

Only report a missed bin collection if your bin is the only one not collected on your street, we will try and collect your bin soon as possible but we may not be able to do this within five working days. Please be patient.

Report a missed bin collection

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