Discretionary housing payment

Apply for discretionary housing payment

You can apply online for Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).

We may ask for further information to support the application.

How long will it take us to make a decision?

Once all of the required information is supplied, we will aim to make a decision within 14 days. Where you have indicated that there is an immediate risk of eviction a decision will be made within two working days and you will be advised by phone where possible.

If the request is successful you will receive confirmation of the amount and duration of the award.

We reserve the right to advise customers to seek alternative accommodation if we feel that their current accommodation is inappropriate for their needs. It may also be reasonable to expect the customer to reduce expenditure on non essential items, such as:

  • mobile phones
  • cable/satellite television
  • cigarettes
  • entertainment
  • leisure activities

We look at each case individually and cannot guarantee you will be entitled. For housing benefit we cannot give you more than your total rent (less amounts for services such as electricity or water).

How will DHP be paid?

DHP payments will be paid along with normal housing benefit payments direct into a bank account.

What happens if you disagree with the decision?

There is no formal right to appeal if the DHP request is refused. However, a written reply, detailing the reasons for the refusal, will be sent to the claimant and they can ask for the claim to be looked at again.

If there has been a re-determination and the claimant still disagrees with the outcome they can appeal in writing to our Customer Advice and Support Service. They must state the reasons why they think that the decision is wrong and which element of this policy has not been applied correctly.

The appeal will be considered independently by at least two Senior Officers of staff and this will be communicated to the claimant within 21 working days of the appeal. The decision of these Senior Officers will be final.

Download the DHP Bedroom Tax application form Download the DHP Full application form

Customer Advice and Support Service

Address: Council Headquarters
Newtown St. Boswells

Telephone: 0300 100 1800