Biodiversity and planning

Supplementary planning guidance for biodiversity

The local biodiversity action plan (LBAP) process has led to the production of the supplementary planning guidance (SPG) for biodiversity which informs the biodiversity policies of the structure plan and local plan.

The process has also informed the SPG for wind energy and was integral to the development of the Scottish Borders Woodland Strategy.

Biodiversity and scottish rural development programme

The scottish development rural development programme (SRDP) includes priorities to deliver the 2020 challenge for Scotland’s biodiversity by:

  • supporting appropriate management for vulnerable and iconic species and habitats
  • strengthening ecological networks
  • controlling invasive non-native species
  • enhancing the condition of protected nature sites

Technical Advice Notes

We are producing a series of Technical Advice Notes (TANS) to provide advice to developers on ecological survey requirements, including:

  • types of development requiring survey
  • timing of surveys 
  • information required to support Planning applications

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) and Biodiversity priorities

Ecology officer

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