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We have 34 Councillors, who were elected in the council election in May 2022. They are also known as Elected Members and they represent their local community in one of the 11 multi member wards in the Scottish Borders.

Political control

Find out about our political control.

The role of a Councillor

Councillors are elected by you, the local community, to represent both the public interest and individuals in their ward. They are responsible for making decisions about local services on your behalf. They attend meetings, support the local community and establish links with local organisations and campaigns.

Councillors agree policies for providing services within our area. These services are then managed on a day to day basis by officers employed by us. Councillors also make decisions about our budget.


All Councillors receive a salary for undertaking their duties.

Code of conduct

The Scottish Government introduced a revised Councillors' code of conduct in 2010 and each Councillor must abide by this code. The code deals with:

  • general conduct
  • registration of interests
  • declaration of interests
  • taking decisions on quasi-judicial or regulatory applications


We have our own procedure for handling complaints against Councillors.