Scrutiny committee

What does the Scrutiny Committee do?

The Scrutiny Committee’s role is to:

  • examine various functions of the Council
  • question how some key decisions have been made
  • investigate issues of local concern to residents

For this to happen effectively, the Scrutiny Committee needs the help of local residents, users of services, community organisations, and where relevant local businesses.

The Scrutiny Committee works alongside the Executive Committee in our decision making structure. The Executive Committee manages our services, and the Scrutiny Committee monitors that management.

Scrutiny Committee Members

The Scrutiny Committee meets about once per month. All the dates of meetings, agendas, reports and minutes are available in our Committee calendar.

How to request a Scrutiny Review

You need to clearly state what you wish Scrutiny to investigate and your reasons for this.

You can submit your request online, or ask one of your local Councillors or Community Councillors to put forward your suggestion.

You should note:

  • your suggestion should not be an individual concern or complaint. If you do have such a concern or complaint submit a complaint
  • the Scrutiny Committee will not hear petitions or deputations, those matters are dealt with through the Petitions and Deputations Committee

Scrutiny Code of Practice

The Scrutiny Committee has agreed a code of practice:

  • maintaining a focus on substantive issues
  • maintaining an apolitical, non-partisan approach to its investigations
  • being proactive and innovative in its work, not solely reactive
  • ensuring flexibility in the way it works
  • using an inclusive and corporate approach, not solely members of Scrutiny
  • carrying out reviews and investigations
  • findings and conclusions of reviews and investigations being presented in a constructive manner
  • accountable to us and to the wider public