Attending committee meetings

If you are interested in how we work, why not come along to a meeting to see how decisions are made.

Who can attend?

  • members of the public and members of the press may attend any formal committee meeting where business is being discussed in public
  • there are certain matters which a committee may discuss in private, and at those times, members of the public and press are not allowed in the debating chamber

What will be discussed?

  • all matters to be discussed at a meeting are set out in the agenda or notice of meeting
  • at most committee meetings, where there are both public and private items on the agenda, the public items will be debated first
  • the agendas for each committee are sent out to libraries and are also put on the notice board in the reception area at our headquarters in Newtown St Boswells at least three working days before the date of the meeting

Agendas for meetings

If you attend a committee meeting, you are entitled to have access to a copy of the agenda and any reports which are being debated in public. The Democratic Services Officer in attendance will have spare copies of these available at the meeting, or if you wish to study these in advance, they are available on our website.

When you attend a committee meeting, you will be able to listen to the debate and hear the decisions made by the Councillors.

Area partnership meetings

Area partnership meetings are special sessions in which members of the public may put questions to the Councillors or officers in attendance. If your question cannot be answered at the time, you will be given a reply in writing later.