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Grant funding for community projects in Eildon

If you are a non-profitmaking voluntary or community group based in the Scottish Borders, we can help you to apply for grant funding to fund your community project. Find out more about the types of funding available in the Scottish Borders.

Funding streams already benefiting Eildon communities:

Strategic assessment

The Scottish Borders Strategic Assessment provides an evidence base to enable all Community Planning Partners, including area partnerships, to confirm their priorities to help make the Scottish Borders a better place to work, live and visit.

The Eildon Strategic Assessment is a downloadable Strategic Assessment of the Eildon area.

Area profiles

Area profiles provide a useful range of data and analysis for the Scottish Borders.

They can be for the whole region, a locality,an Electoral Ward, a Community Council area, a town or any neighbourhood of more than 500 people.

 If you are looking for more demographic or socio-economic information, contact the Research and Information Team and ask for an area profile for your area.

Download the 2017 Eildon Area Profile

Asset register

You can download the Eildon Land And Property Register which is a list of all the properties and assets belonging to us in the Eildon area.

Information for business support

We produce a monthly Economic Bulletin for business advice and support service. This contains the latest unemployment rates by Electoral Ward and the month's economic news.

The Scottish Borders Town Centre Matrix pulls together a range of measures concerning the general performance of selected Scottish Borders towns.

We also conduct a variety of other Planning Research, such as retail surveys and town centre footfall, to inform its Local Plans.


If you would like to find out about local events or hire a venue in your locality, visit the Live Borders website.