Pay and display parking FAQs

What payment methods are available within car parks?

Our Pay and display parking meters only accept cash, however payment can also be made by card by using our Cashless App -  RingGo.  Further details are available online.

How can I pay a Penalty Charge Notice?

You can pay online, over the phone, by post or in-person. Full details can be found online.

I am trying to pay a Penalty Charge Notice online but it won't accept the reference number

Your reference number is the eight digit numbers after 'SB'. Please ignore the SB when inputting the reference number - ie If your Penalty Charge Notice number is SB12345678, your reference number for online payment would be 12345678.

How can I appeal an Penalty Charge Notice?

Details of how to appeal can be found on our website.

Should I pay the Penalty Charge Notice if I am appealing it?

No, we will place the notice on hold and no further charges will be applied until we reply to your appeal.

What do I do if I have lost my Penalty Charge Notice?

You need your unique PCN reference number to enable you to pay
or query it.  If you have lost the notice you can obtain the reference number by contacting our Parking Control Office on 01835 825165 or our
Customer Advice and Support Service on 0300 100 1800. Please have your vehicle registration number at hand.

I have a Blue Badge, can I park for free in pay and display car parks?

Yes, but you must ensure your Blue Badge is displayed and that you are fully parked within a marked bay.

Can I use a ticket from one car park in another?

No, each ticket is unique to each car park.

What do I do if the payment machine is not working?

Please check to see if there is another machine that you can use within the car park or you can pay using the cashless app RingGo.

Please also telephone the number listed on the front panel of the machine to report the fault, providing details of the location of the car park,  your vehicle registration number and what the fault is, ie not accepting coins/ticket jam.

What should I do if the car next to me is parked over the lines?

Unless you can fit wholly within a marked bay you should not park next to a car that is over the lines as you may also incur a Penalty Charge Notice. Please find an alternative space.

Do I need to buy a ticket if I'm using an EV charger in a pay and display car park?

Yes, please see our website for more details of our EV charging costs

Please note that you must be actively charging your vehicle when parked in an EV bay.