School meals

Nursery meals

All nursery menus follow the Setting the Table guidelines set by the Scottish Government. These are currently under review.

Early years have the choice from two hot meals a day which include tw portions of vegetables with daily offerings of fresh fruit, yoghurt, bread and freely available water with every meal. Home baking is reduced to three times a week to encourage children to choose healthier alternative puddings and reduce their intake of free sugars.

Our special family lunchtime service

We hold a family service during lunchtimes to give children the chance to sit down to a home cooked meal at a table setting while learning to:

  • take part in a social dining experience
  • learn positive social skills, behaviours and table manners
  • learn how to share food and use cutlery properly
  • taste different foods, as they are often more keen to try something new in a group setting with other children present

Menu options

View the current menu and special diet menus:

Some school nurseries follow the traditional menu but at different times. This applies at the following schools:

  • Ayton
  • Coldingham
  • Reston
  • Swinton
  • Westruther
  • Yetholm
  • Kirkhope
  • Philiphaugh

All other schools run the traditional menu.

Download the ingredients information.

More information

To find out more, contact Catering Services via 01835 824000.