School meals

Nursery school meals

All our nursery menus are carefully planned to meet national nutritional standards set by the Scottish Government.

We are committed to:

  • offering fresh fruit, vegetables, salad and bread with every meal
  • making sure our recipes contain less fat, sugar and salt and are healthier, better balanced and more nutritious
  • meeting the requirements of the majority of pupils

Our special family lunchtime service

We hold a family service during lunchtimes to give children the chance to sit down to a home cooked meal at a table setting while learning to:

  • take part in a social dining experience
  • learn positive social skills, behaviours and table manners
  • learn how to share food and use cutlery properly
  • taste different foods, as they are often more keen to try something new in a group setting with other children present

The service is being rolled out as part of the expansion of early learning and childcare hours currently being implemented across the Borders. 

Paying for meals

Meals can be paid for using ParentPay which is accessed via a computer or smartphone. If you don’t have online access, speak to your school administrator who will be able to help with an alternative solution.

Help with special dietary requirements

We aim to cater for pupils who have special diets for medical reasons. If you need to register your child as having a special diet then please ask the school office for the Special Diet Requirement Form. Once the neccessary paperwork has been received the Catering Nutritionist will be able to advise on options available. In addition to medical requirements, the special diet process covers vegan diets. If your child follows a vegan diet then please ask the school office for a Special Diet Requirement Form.

More information

To find out more, contact Catering Services on 01835 824000 and ask for the Nursery Liaison Co-ordinator or the Food and Nutrition Co-ordinator.