School uniform

We encourage all of our schools to have a dress code policy and will support them in establishing and enforcing this.

Pupils, and those working in schools, who dress in a way which is appropriate to attendance at school can have a positive effect on a school's reputation.

Benefits of wearing school uniform include:

  • giving pupils a pride in and sense of belonging to their school
  • increasing the school's profile in the local community
  • preventing competition between pupils over expensive fashion wear and helping to prevent bullying and victimisation of others on the grounds of what they wear
  • improving security in school and on school trips, as it is easier to identify who is a pupil in the school
  • differentiates between staff and pupils
  • more convenient for parents

Assistance with schoolwear

We can offer children from low income families assistance towards the purchase of school clothing, subject to certain criteria. Find out more about free school meals and help with schoolwear.

Read our school dress code policy

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