Free bus travel and Young Scot cards


I’m turning 60 soon, when can I apply for an NEC card?

You can apply up to two weeks before your sixtieth birthday.

How long will it take to receive my new card?

You should receive your card within two weeks.

I have a caravan or holiday home in Scotland, can I still apply?

Yes, providing you can provide all the necessary evidence, it doesn’t matter if your address in the Borders is a caravan or holiday home. 

If you don’t have any of the required proofs of address, we’re unable to accept a letter from a Caravan Park site to confirm eligibility. 

I’ve lost my card or it’s stopped working

If you’re a Young Scot and you’re still at school you should contact your school office. Otherwise you can email [email protected] or phone our Customer Advice and Support on 0300 100 1800.

If you’ve lost your NEC card you’ll have to pay the full fare until your new card arrives, but if your card has stopped working you can either: 

  • pay the full fare and keep your card until the new one arrives
  • ask the driver to swap your card for a seven day travel pass (if you have a companion card your companion won’t get free travel until you get your new card)

Can I use my NEC card on trams in Edinburgh?

Visit the Edinburgh Trams website to find information on using your NEC card on trams in Edinburgh.

Can I get a discount on train or ferry travel with my NEC card?

To find out if there are any discounts for over 60’s card holders, phone our Customer Advice and Support on 0300 100 1800.

Visit the Transport Scotland website to find out more about discounts if you are sight impaired or severely sight impaired.

What evidence do I need to provide for a Young Scot application?

If you’re still at school you won’t need to provide any evidence. If you’re not at school, find out what evidence you need to provide.

Do I need a new card if my name has changed?

If you’ve legally changed your name your account will be updated by the National Records of Scotland and a new card will be automatically issued to you.

If you haven’t legally changed your name, but would prefer to have a different name, you can phone our Customer Advice and Support on 0300 100 1800. Your account will remain in your official name, but we can add a preferred name which would appear on your card and we can issue you with a new card.

What do I do if I’ve moved address?

You can email [email protected] or phone our Customer Advice and Support on 0300 100 1800 to tell us you’re moving.

You won’t need a new card if you’re moving to another address in the Borders, but you may have to provide proof of your new address if you’re not liable for Council Tax. 

If you move out with the Borders, you should contact your new Council. They may issue you with a new card if there are different discounts available in that area.