Disabled persons' parking places

Disabled Persons' parking places FAQs

Another car keeps parking in the Disabled Parking bay I requested, can I report this?

You can only report this as misuse of a bay if the car parking in the bay is not displaying a valid blue badge.

Although usually requested by a single applicant, disabled parking bays can be used by anyone in receipt of a blue badge and are not considered as personal parking spaces for the applicant.

Can I request an additional space as the one I requested is always parked in?

No – if another bay is required in your street, it would be the responsibility of the other blue badge holders to apply for this. We cannot allocate more than one disabled parking space to a single blue badge holder

Why is the parking bay so long when I only have a small vehicle?

Disabled Parking Bays can be used by any blue badge holder, so although the car that parks a bay regularly may be small, it can be used by any vehicle, which may require additional length. In example, for a mobility hoist.

I want to report the misuse of a parking bay, who do I report this to?

This should be reported to Police Scotland by calling 101. As we do not have a Decriminalised Parking Policy within the Scottish Borders, we are unable to enforce the misuse of parking bays.

I called Police Scotland to report misuse of a bay and they told me to contact my Local Council.

As above, you should inform Police Scotland that we do not have a Decriminalised Parking Policy, and therefore we can’t enforce the misuse of parking bays.

Many other Local Authorities in Scotland do deal with the misuse of parking bays, but we do not.

The property I have moved into has a disabled parking bay outside but I don’t need this, what should I do?

If the bay appears that it is no longer in use, use our online form to tell us it’s no longer required. We will check who requested the bay initially and if it is determined it is no longer required we will arrange for this to be removed.

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