Fit for 2024 - staff Information

A new transformation programme was announced in February 2019 called Fit for 2024. This is one of the biggest transformation programmes we have ever faced and will reshape the whole Council. 

All staff will be affected by this programme and must play their part in order to ensure we are Fit for 2024. 

We want to deliver the best possible services for our residents and customers into the future despite being faced with a range of challenges.

Are you in the know-how about Fit for 2024?

Roads and Infrastructure and Parks and Environment Review

Download the Roads and Infrastructure and Parks and Environment staff briefing note, comments sheet and tick sheet.

Staff information Roadshows

FAQs from the roadshows are available.

This video explains the Fit for 2024 Programme.

This video contains the slides from the information events.


Your feedback

You may also want to send your thoughts and ideas to our Your Part team online. CMT will read and consider all ideas sent to us and make sure we take steps to implement these where we consider it to be beneficial.