WorkFLEX Borders

A digital solution to manage communications between supply/casual staff and their service areas has been developed, in collaboration with suppliers 1218 Global, and partners.

Sirenum (WorkFLEX) will be piloted in some of our areas, where casual/supply staff are used, for example relief home carers, until June 2020. 

Staff will be able to self serve, review and accept or decline job offers for casual/supply work, and update their availability. This enables offers of work to be sent to those available for times required by the service.

This innovative, digitised solution will significantly modernise our way of working and remove time-consuming manual methods, bringing a range of improvements and efficiencies to both ourselves and staff. 

Benefits to staff include a less intrusive method of contact, the ability to pick up work/shifts at a time that suits them with a simple to use app (on Android and Apple’s iOS). Staff can update availability on this real time system, easily view their relief/supply work diary and see real time updates to work pattern/shifts. It can also provide directions to work locations. See My Sirenum FAQs.

WorkFLEX Borders, powered by Sirenum, coming to your service soon.