Fit for 2024

We want to make sure we are in the best shape to:

  • meet future challenges
  • take advantage of new opportunities
  • deliver the best possible outcomes for Borders communities

In order to do this, we have launched a large scale programme of transformation called Fit for 2024. This video explains what it’s about:

Our challenges

The programme will support us to make sure we are fit to deal with the many challenges we are faced with including:

  • greater demand for our services
  • a growing older population
  • a constantly changing digital world
  • changing customer expectations

At the same time, we will not avoid making vital investment decisions where it is in the best interest of our area to do so and we will continue to grasp transformative opportunities.

Areas of focus

Key areas of focus

 We need you to play #yourpart

The scale and breadth of challenge can be met only if all of us play our part. The #yourpart campaign aims to encourage everyone to help support us by doing anything you can.