Appraisal and Competency Framework

Our new Appraisal and Competency Framework has been launched on Business World/Forms/Appraisal replacing the previous or PRD (Personal Review and Development) approach. Appraisals should take place between April to October annually.

What are the benefits?

  • you will have better communication with your line manager to clarify what’s expected from you and what support you need from your line manager
  • together you will agree your SMART objectives (goals) and plan for your future development
  • your SMART objectives will be developmental, role and Competency (‘behaviour’) related, which will support the overall service and our aims and values
  • you will have a development plan enabling you to manage your personal development and identify a career path that is right for you

Your SMART objectives (goals) contribute to our common purpose and outcomes, as well as the Competencies for both you and your team ensuring consistent and successful team work that reflects our values. This will help us work collectively to achieve success, enabling you to play #yourpart and contribute to our Fit for 2024 Agenda and our Corporate Plan.

Our new Appraisal and Competency Framework forms part of our People Planning process which is vital to our success. 

What you need to do next

Begin by familiarising yourself with the Appraisal Guidelines and Competency Framework. You can also reflect on your own performance, Competency ‘behaviours’ and Development Plan, so you are ready to contribute constructively at your Appraisal meeting with your line manager.

During the current period of COVID-19, this could be a useful time to make a start. Appraisal meetings can be held by video link on Microsoft Teams or Lync. 

We hope you find this new system helpful and practical. If you have any queries, please speak to your line manager in the first instance. You can also email HR askhr@scotborders.gov.uk