Gypsy/Travellers - rights and responsibilities

St Boswells Fair

We welcome new and returning Gypsy/Travellers to the annual St Boswells Fair

While staying on The Green and attending the Fair, we ask that:

  • areas shown on the site map are kept clear at all times to allow access to emergency services, if required
  • you take full advantage of skips and portaloos marked on the site map and the public conveniences next to the bus stop
  • keep driving on The Green and speed to a minimum
  • you supervise and control open fires
  • you supervise and control any animals to prevent incidents and injury, both to the public and the animals
  • be considerate of neighbours and keep noise levels to a minimum, especially after 10pm
  • report any instances of discrimination/ hate crime that you experience - this can be done by reporting to ourselves on 0300 100 1800 or directly to Police Scotland on 101