Headstone testing

Headstone Reinstatement Pilot Study - Lennel Cemetery

At the full Council meeting on 30th March 2023, it was agreed to trial a pilot study within Lennel Cemetery in Coldstream, exploring the re-erection of headstones which were laid flat as part of the Council’s duties to undertake a headstone safety programme.

This Pilot will involve an initial survey and subsequent remedial works being carried out where appropriate by trained staff from Scottish Borders Council, commencing in early summer 2023.

Monitoring of the pilot will be undertaken, including an audit of resources, costs, manpower and outcomes of the pilot. This will inform a further report to Council later this year seeking to determine the way forward for Headstone Safety Management.

A 28 day notice will be erected at the cemetery on Friday 7th April and staff will be on site during the notice period to undertake an assessment of each headstone that has been laid flat to establish if reinstatement is appropriate (depending on a condition survey) and the nature of any remedial works required. 

No remedial works will be undertaken until after the 28 day notice period has expired and will commence from 9th May 2023.  Thereafter new foundations will be put in place - with a 28 day curing period - and headstones will be re-erected to the British Industry Standard BS 8415.  Please note, that not every headstone laid flat will be suitable for re-erection.