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Discounted units scheme

The discounted units scheme requires the housing developer to offer homes at a fixed price below their actual market value to people who can demonstrate appropriate housing need and for whom the property available would meet that need.

Who is the scheme for?

You can apply for the scheme if you meet the following criteria:

  • you are a first time buyer, have experienced a significant change in household circumstances or can demonstrate significant housing need
  • the property being offered is appropriate for the size of your household
  • the property will be your sole residence
  • you are an existing housing association tenant within the Scottish Borders or have been on a waiting list for a minimum of three months
  • you have a local connection either through family, work or cultural networks
  • you are unable to compete for appropriate housing on the open market
  • criteria may vary between individual projects offering homes at discounted sale prices

Depending on the strengths of other applications, you may not need to meet all of the above criteria.

How do I apply for the scheme?

Discounted units, or homes which are sold at a discounted rate as part of the Scottish Government's affordable housing policies, are advertised in the local press as they become available.

These adverts will describe the:

  • units
  • price at which they will be sold
  • closing date for applications

To get an application form, you should contact the the agent advertising the properties for sale.

How is my application assessed?

Applications will be assessed by an independent third party. Except for notifying ourselves and the developer of the names and contact details of the successful applicant, any information gathered will not be disclosed to other parties, including ourselves and the property developer.

Will I own the whole property?

Yes. This is not a shared equity or shared ownership scheme. If you purchase a discounted unit you will own the whole of the property. This also means that you will be independently responsible for arranging appropriate finance and legal representation with which to buy the property.

Can I sell the property?

Yes. You will own the whole property and can sell it at any time. However, we retain the right to receive a portion of any profit made upon subsequent sales which is then used to fund additional affordable housing.

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