Millions of Reasons to Recycle

As part of our efforts to increase recycling across the Scottish Borders, we have launched a Millions of Reasons to Recycle campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight the environmental and financial need to recycle.

What can be recycled?

We have full details available on what can and cannot be recycled, and other helpful tips which will help us ensure as many materials as possible are recycled to help the environment.

Why do we need to recycle?

Borders residents help to save £2m per year in landfill tax thanks to their recycling efforts, but:

  • 70% of materials in our grey general waste bins could have been recycled
  • if this waste was correctly placed in recycling bins, it would have a significant environmental benefit as well as save £1.1m on landfill tax per year
  • this saving could be used towards other services
  • 92% of respondents to our waste and recycling service survey in 2016 support us doing more to recycle
  • Scottish Government is targeting 70% of all waste to be recycled or prepared for reuse by 2025
  • it is estimated that we are currently consuming resources as if we had three planets, leading to environmental destruction

We are always looking at ways to improve recycling in the Scottish Borders and are now proud to be a landfill free area after opening our Waste Transfer Station in summer 2019.

We would encourage schools, residents and businesses to help us increase recycling by putting the right waste in the right bin. 

How can I support Millions of Reasons to Recycle campaign?

  • download the range of Millions of Reasons to Recycle digital materials, which provide further information on putting the right waste in the right bin, as well as highlight your support for the campaign
  • support schools taking part in our Zero Waste School Champions project, and other schools carrying out positive environmental projects
  • tell us about your good work in the community or at your work place