What goes in each bin or bag

What can go in your general waste bin

Please do not put any of the following items in your black lidded general waste bin:

  • recycling - place paper, card, cans and plastic in the blue lidded recycling bin instead
  • paint - this is not suitable for collection in our compaction vehicles - can be disposed of at community recycling centres
  • hot ash

Loose cold ash or dust must be bagged and not be placed directly in the general waste bin as this is a health hazard for our collection crews. 

Help us reduce the amount of waste going to landfill

Please think whether items really are waste before you bin them. Could your items:

General waste advice

  • squash waste before you bin it
  • do not use recycling bags for general waste
  • use only one black lidded bin per household
  • waste presented outside the bin will not be collected

You can dispose of large or bulky items at a community recycling centre or you can book a bulky uplift.