Headstone testing

We are continuing our programme of headstone testing, which is essential to make sure that anyone who visits or works in our 154 cemeteries is safe.

The rolling programme of safety inspections continues, with memorials checked by qualified staff.

We will ensure the work is undertaken with due respect and only where absolutely necessary.

How we test

  • Firstly, a memorial is tested to check if it is safe.
  • If there is a safety concern, the memorial will be made safe by socketing into the ground or laying flat. 
  • Memorials will not be individually cordoned off unless the memorial is very large and the opinion of a structural engineer is needed
  • If a memorial has been made safe, the family, who are responsible for the memorial, can contact a monumental mason with a view to having the memorial restored.

Testing schedule

Cemetery Estimated testing date Completed

Eastlands (Galashiels)

Area to the tested - to side and behind the greenhouse area

March 2020  
Ladhope (Galashiels) Early 2020  
Cockburnspath (Old and new) Early 2020  
Abbey St Bathans Early 2020  
Duns Churchyard Early 2020  
Bonkyl Early 2020  
Cranshaws Early 2020  
Eccles (Old) Early 2020  
Fogo Early 2020  
Old Channekirk Early 2020 February 2020
Brierylaw (Selkirk) January 2020 February 2020
Ettrick Early 2020 February 2020
Kirkhope Early 2020 February 2020
Stow New Early 2020 February 2020
Weirhill (Melrose) November/December 2019 December 2019
Bowden Churchyard November/December 2019 January 2020
Lauder Old Churchyard November/December 2019 January 2020
Legerwood November/December 2019 January 2020
Ashkirk October 2018 November 2018
Earlston (Old) September 2018 October 2018
Heriot October 2018 October 2018
Lilliesleaf November 2018 November 2018
Shawfield (Selkirk) November 2018 January 2019
Wairds (Melrose) October 2018 November 2018
Ayton March 2019 March 2019
Duns (Preston Road) February 2019 March 2019
Eyemouth (Old) March 2019 March 2019
Lennel September 2019 October 2019
Innerleithen (Traquair Road) November 2018 January 2019
Peebles January 2019 February 2019
Old Churchyard (Kelso) February 2019 February 2019
Rosebank (Kelso) February 2019 February 2019
Ancrum March 2019 March 2019
Denholm March 2019 March 2019
Wellogate (Hawick) June 2019 September 2019
Wilton (Hawick) March 2019 April 2019