Community based services

Community payback order and drug treatment and testing orders

The court can impose one or more of the following requirements:

  • supervision
  • unpaid work or other activity
  • compensation
  • programme
  • residence
  • mental health treatment
  • drug treatment
  • alcohol treatment
  • conduct

Unpaid work

Community payback orders with unpaid work are a Court disposal designed to enable people to make reparation to their community. Unpaid work takes place in local communities and is for the benefit of the community. It must not take away paid employment from others.

The Unpaid Work Team carry out a wide range of work all over the Scottish Borders for not-for-profit organisations, charities, community groups and social enterprises, including:

  • manufacture of items such as picnic tables, planters, benches and items for schools made at our workshop
  • upkeep and construction of paths and fences
  • helping community groups with community gardens and allotment sites
  • assisting with community responses to weather events such as flooding and snow clearing

The team also has several partnerships where they work together with other organisations such as the NHS Borders Health Improvement Team, Just Cycle Social Enterprise and Home Basics furniture charity.

All project and other work is fully supervised and completed to required community payback and health and safety requirements.

Could the Unpaid Work team help with your project?

The team is always keen to hear about new opportunities that might be suitable for the unpaid work programme to support. To find out more, you can contact them online or at: or on 01896 664140.

Drug treatment and testing orders

You may be suitable for a drug treatment and testing order (DTTO) if you are at risk of custody due to serious or frequent offending because of being dependent on drugs.

Practical tips on keeping your home and community safe

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