Tweeddale Area Partnership

Tweeddale Area Partnership meetings

How to get involved

Anyone can get involved in Tweeddale Area Partnership, which is chaired by Councillor Robin Tatler and meets five times a year across the Tweeddale area. 

As a Tweeddale resident, you can find out more about the issues that are affecting your locality and give the partnership your views on how we and our Community Planning Partners can provide better services in your locality.

Check the Tweeddale Area Partnership meetings schedule to find out when and where the next meeting is taking place. 

For further information contact the Democratic Services Officer online or by phone 01835 826772.

Future and recent activity in Tweeddale area partnership






Interim notes from meeting on 18 January

Common Good Consultation

Hannah MacLeod provided an update on the Common Good Consultation. Use the contact details below for further information.   

Place Making Conversation with Tweeddale Youth Action

A presentation was given by Tweeddale Community Engagement Officer Hannah Lacon focusing on the perspectives of young people in regards to Place Making. Several suggestions and ideas have come from this with further discussions being suggested with Community Learning and Development (CLD) and Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA) around affordable homes and better support for homeless young people.

Anti-social Behaviour Group

Malcolm Bruce from Peebles Community Council gave an update on the survey that had been created in partnership with Live Borders and Tweeddale Youth Action. The survey had been sent around the student body of Peebles High School in the hope of generating some data on the anti-social behaviour problem. CLD worker Richard McDowell, Youth Engagement Worker Pam Rigby and Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) representative Ally Turnbull agreed to support the group by providing a valuable youth perspective.

Tweeddale Community Fund

The Tweeddale assessment panel recommendations have approved funding for the following groups:

  • Tweeddale Rideability Group was awarded £6.3k to purchase a new horse
  • Peebles Community Centre was awarded £5k for their crafting workshops
  • Peebles High School Student Parliament was awarded £4k to hold a Participatory Budgeting event
  • Peeblesshire Foodbank was awarded £5k to purchase a new van
  • Innerleithen Lawn Tennis Club was awarded £7.5k for the construction of two mini tennis courts and a practice wall
  • Peebles Burgh Silver Band was awarded £3,640 for tuition fees, polo shirts and soft shell jackets

It was agreed that the communities and partnership team will engage with Peebles Community Action Network (CAN) with the aim to provide an application for consideration at the March meeting.

There is currently £13,656.60 left in the Tweeddale Community Fund.

Build Back A Better Borders Fund

The following groups were successful in their Build Back Better Borders applications:

  • St Ronans Bowling Club was awarded £12,622.23 for the erection of a gazebo and sustainable picnic benches
  • Kingsland Primary School Pupil Council was awarded £2,224.62 for a community shed. Application has agreed to be funded through the Welfare Trust Fund instead
  • The Edible Garden was awarded £2.8k for community garden repairs and a garden club
  • Peeblesshire Foodbank was awarded £6,750 to purchase a new van

Innerleithen Lawn Tennis Club was unsuccessful in their BBBB application and have been advised to discuss further funding options with the communities and partnership team. 

The Food Foundation has been agreed to be delayed for further review. 

Menti Evaluation

An engagement tool called Menti was trialled at this meeting with encouraging results. This will continue to be developed in future meetings. The feedback provided from Tuesday's Tweeddale Area Partnership Mentimeter Evaluation will help to shape agenda items going forward, so participants were thanked for their participation in this experimental technology.