Common Good property


The following tables provides a register of Common Good assets held in respect of Kelso.

Where relevant, links to plans of land or buildings are provided.


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Tait Hall


Edenside Road, Kelso TD5 7BS

Title for the hall transferred to the Kelso Town Council in 1951. The deed narrates that prior to his death Arthur Middlemas had offered to gift his field to the Council for the erection of a hall. William E Tait provided a legacy of £10,000 "for the purpose of erecting a hall suitable to the needs of the community".  The hall had been built and opened in 1935. The hall is currently operated by Live Borders.


Kelso War Memorial


Bridge Street, Kelso

The site on which the memorial is erected was acquired by Town Council (by way of gift from Duke of Roxburghe) 1921. Use of the land was restricted to that of a site for War Memorial.  Memorial constructed by public subscription. Town Council Minutes 2nd August 1920 indicate that the Kelso and District War Memorial Fund  had resolved that the Town Council was the most suitable body to undertake custody of the completed Memorial and invited it to do so - which it did. 


Croft Park and play area




Edinburgh Road, Kelso

The land was acquired in 2 parts. The northern part was acquired in 1946 as part of a larger purchase (with site of what is now Croft Road and Inchmead Crescent). The deed narrates that to commemorate his 21st birthday, the 9th Duke of Roxburgh presented a 2.394 acre park 'to the Ducal Town of Kelso through the medium of the Provost, Magistrates and Councillors of the Burgh of Kelso'. The park would have been common good land. However, the Town Council later wished to use that area for part of its post war housing provision. The Duke confirmed that he had no objection to that, provided another area approved by him was provided by the Council for a playing field. The current park is the replacement provided.


Pinnaclehill Woodlands




The woodland was acquired by the Kelso Burgh Council in 1975 using common good funds. The amenity land contains a historical monument (bronze age burial site).


Art and Artefacts 

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Silver Bowl & Salver

Kelso Town House

Provost’s Chain of Office

c/o current Provost

Common Good Fund

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Kelso Common Good Fund

Fund set up for the benefit of the inhabitants of Kelso. Value of fund as at 1 April 2021 was £311,625