Health and safety

Information and advice

We are committed to working together with local businesses to achieve high standards and prevent problems. We are always willing to give advice on legislation, or practical problems. If you are considering setting up a business or would like advice on health and safety at work, please contact us.

Other information and advice available

You may also wish to contact the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives (HWL) or the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Scotland.

HWL are a free and confidential health and safety advisory service sponsored by the Scottish Government. HWL offer free, workplace visits, practical information and advice to help employers, employees and voluntary organizations with less than 250 staff, create a healthier and motivated Scottish workforce .

HWL offer a variety of free services covering health safety and wellbeing including:

  • minimising risks - information and advice on controlling risk and safety procedures that can help to eliminate or control risks to staff and the public
  • personnel and staffing issues - information on a wide range of staff issues including disability, working with contractors, and working with young people
  • work equipment and safe working methods - information and advice on safe use of common items of work equipment and safe working methods for everyday activities
  • managing work-related ill-health and injuries - information on work-related ill health and management practices that support staff through injuries and ill health at work
  • promoting health at work - information on promoting health in the workplace as healthy motivated staff can reduce sickness absences, improve productivity and help create a safer working environment
  • vocational rehabilitation - support for people with disabilities or illnesses to stay in employment or go back to work and how to find help to do so
  • employability - information and assistance available to assist people into (or back to) work
  • HWL advice line - this line offers immediate, free and confidential help and information on any matter concerning health and wellbeing in the workplace, including health and safety, occupational health and health promotion

Environmental health

Noise and odour control, contaminated land, food safety, health and safety, licensing, infectious disease, stray dogs

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