Business improvement districts

Business Improvement Districts

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are created where local businesses see the opportunity to invest collectively to help make local improvements which will benefit the local community. These improvements are outlined by the BID Company in their business plan.

BIDs are developed, managed and paid for by the business sector by means of a compulsory BID levy (which is usually based on the Rateable Value of the property). Each business within the proposed BID area who is identified as being liable for the BIDs levy will be able to vote on whether or not the BID goes ahead before the BID can be established. BIDs can be in the form of a geographical area or in some cases target a specific business type.

The BID ballot process

The businesses within the proposed BID area identified as being liable for the BID levy must vote in favour of the BID before it can be established.

For the BID to be successful, there must be a minimum of 25% turnout by the number of businesses and by combined rateable value. Of those that vote, over 50% by number and 50% by combined rateable value must vote in favour of the BID.

BIDs have a maximum duration of five years but have the opportunity to renew by a further ballot.

Our Role in BIDs

We act on behalf of the BID Company and are responsible for the billing and collecting of the levy. 

An invoice is issued to each qualifying property within the BID area requesting payment by instalments.

Payment of the Levy can be made by:

BIDs enquiries

For any of the following enquiries please contact Customer Advice and Support or phone 0300 100 1800 and select option three:

  • information contained on your bill
  • who should be liable to pay the levy
  • the amount of levy based on the rateable value
  • setting up a Direct Debit
  • making a debit or credit card payment
  • balance and Instalments enquiries

Problems paying the BID levy

If you do not pay your BID Levy by the due dates we may take further steps including legal action to ensure payment. We recommend that you pay your BID Levy by Direct Debit to ensure these are received on time. If you have finding it difficult to pay please contact Customer Advice and Support on 0300 100 1800 and select option three.

BIDs in our area

We currently have two BIDs within the Scottish Borders. You can contact them for further information about the following:

  • the aims and objectives of the BID
  • information on how the BID works
  • the progress of the BID projects

Any other type of enquiry should be directed to Customer Advice and Support.

Tweed Valley Tourism BID

Tweed Valley Tourism BIDs annual levy will remain unchanged for the duration of the five year term.

For general information regarding Tweed Valley Tourism BID please visit the Go Tweed Valley website where you can also complete a contact form should you wish to get in touch with them.

Selkirk Means Business BID

Selkirk BIDs annual levy will remain unchanged for the duration of the five year term.

For general information regarding Selkirk BID please visit the Explore Selkirk website or you can contact them by emailing  

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