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Food safety legislation requires that all food businesses apply food safety management procedures to their business. This requirement to provide a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is flexible allowing procedures to be proportionate to the size and nature of the business. Many small businesses will be able to have fairly simple records and straightforward procedures to follow, relevant to what they already do in practice.

In Scotland, most caterers use the system CookSafeRetailSafe is a similar system for retailers who handle or prepare unwrapped high risk food. ButcherSafe is a system aimed at butchers who handle or produce both raw and ready to eat food.

These systems are designed to help businesses understand and implement a system based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) to comply with the law. By reading the specific manual and following the instructions, businesses are able to develop HACCP-based procedures that fit their needs. The food business operator must complete and implement the relevant system. This system must be reviewed and, if necessary, updated whenever there are changes, or at least annually.

Monitoring records must be maintained. Examples of these are available within the CookSafe and RetailSafe Manuals but you can record your monitoring in other formats. The All in One Record and Monthly Record are regularly used by businesses. 

The food business operator, or supervisor, must train all staff on the system at induction and every review of the FSMS. This training must be recorded. An example form which can be used is the Training Record.

We have produced a food safety management system to assist:

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