Community recycling centres

Trailer, large vehicle and upholstered domestic seating CRC booking system

Households and traders with trailers or large vehicles can now access recycling centres using our online booking form.

See our waste services privacy notice.

 Vehicles required to book

  • vehicles that would be over two tonnes in weight when carrying their maximum permitted load, including Ford Transit, Vauxhall Vivaro and Volkswagen Transporter
  • vehicles pulling any size or type of trailer

There are some exemptions:

  • large vehicles modified for accommodating a passenger who travels in the vehicle in a wheelchair are not required to book
  • people carriers such as the Citroën Berlingo or Volkswagen Touran and camper vans are not required to book when a small amount of waste is being deposited, however if the additional space is utilised to accommodate more waste it will be classified as a large vehicle and will require a booking slot

If you don't know your vehicles maximum permitted load, check your V5C document or the Government website.

How the booking system works

  • households and traders can make a booking up to a week in advance  
  • so long as there are slots available, bookings can be made on the same day you intend visiting our site, the cut off is 9am for morning bookings and 12pm for afternoon bookings
  • You are only permitted to make two bookings per day, should more bookings be made we reserve the right to cancel the additional bookings

What to do on the day of your booking

  • arrive promptly at the recycling centre at your allotted time
  • join the queue if there is one and you will be allowed access, even if it is after your allotted time
  • all vehicles will be checked upon arriving at a recycling centre and if they have not made a booking they will not be allowed access

The decision on whether a vehicle was required to book or not will be taken by our site attendant, if you would like to discuss this decision, email