Asset transfer

Asset transfer process and route map

The Community Ownership Support Service has developed a route map that sets out what you should be thinking about and when, when undertaking an asset transfer. 

This can be used whether you are applying to take on the asset through the formal asset transfer process or not. 

The main difference between using the formal process and not is the right of appeal.  Applications made under the Act have the right to appeal if the transfer is refused or the terms and conditions are different to the ones the community body had asked for.

What does the asset transfer process look like?

The asset transfer process can be quite complex, but we have staff are available, as do other organisations, to support community groups from start to finish.

Set out in the below is a summary of the asset transfer process including the key stages and timescales:


Things to think about


Community body identifies community need.

What is it you want to do?


Community body identifies suitable building / land (asset)

What do you need in any asset that you take on? Are there any suitable assets listed on our asset register?

Make contact with us at the earliest opportunity.

The information gathering period can be fairly quick or may take several months. It is important to keep in regular contact to let us know how things are progressing and whether you require any support.

Discussion with us

What do you need to know about the asset? We will provide information such as building condition reports and running costs.

Submission of asset transfer request and relevant documents.

Detailed information such as a business plan can be submitted later but it may help you plan your project if you develop as much as possible before submitting your request.


We validate the request

Once all necessary information has been submitted a validation letter will be issued which will include the deadline for us to make a decision.


Once a request has been validated we must make a decision within six months.

Public notification period

This is a requirement of the Act and does not replace community consultation undertaken by the group.

20 working days

Community group comments on any feedback received from us during the public notification period.

We will share all feedback received during the public notification period. You can make comments on these prior to us making the decision





Outstanding information submitted to us

Any detailed information that we have asked for will need to be submitted within the six month period. We will need time to take the request to the relevant committees so in reality it is likely that you will need to submit any additional information within 3-4 months of the request being validated.


We issue decision notice

This will say whether the request has been agreed or not and any terms and conditions attached. You should consider the decision and terms and conditions carefully and decide whether you agree with them or not.

20 working days to request a review


Six months to submit offer to take ownership / lease

Contract concluded


Within six months