Inspire Learning latest FAQs

Is Inspire Learning being funded from specific Scottish Government funding?

No, it is funded entirely from our budget.  

Do schools have spare iPads for new starts etc?

Yes, all schools will have access to a supply of devices for this purpose, as well as to allow for any breakages etc.

Do teachers have the ability to lock screens/freeze iPads for pupils in class?


Can teachers see the pupils’ history?


Can you access social media or popular gaming sites on the Ipads?

No.  If you have a concern about access to apps or sites, please contact your school direct.

Are the Ipads used in every lesson?

The iPads are used to support learning as appropriate.  Use of the iPads varies from lesson to lesson, and from day to day.  The technology enhances rather than replacing traditional tools for learning.

Is there a risk to my childs eye sight from exposure to blue light from the Ipads?


Can my child get a keyboard?

Yes, we will provide equipment such as keyboards to pupils on a case by case basis depending on the requirement(s) and needs of the pupils.

Are there charging points in school?


If my child's Ipad is damaged, do I need to pay for a repair?


What if the Ipad is lost or stolen?

This should be reported to the school immediately.

What happens if there is a technical issue with the Ipad?

This should be reported to the school as some technical issues may be resolved in school.  Spare Ipads are available to allow learning with technology to continue with the minimum of disruption.




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