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Lindean Loch

Lindean Loch lies approximately 2.5miles/4kms east of Selkirk.

It is now a nature reserve open to all and there is a walk of 1m/2km around the loch. You can read more about the site in Paths around Selkirk.

The history of the loch

Although the site looks natural, much of it was dug by hand in the 18th century to extract lime rich marl (clay) for use as a fertiliser on grass fields to improve the grazing.

In the 20th century the site was dammed and turned into a public water supply, providing nearby villages with water up until the 1970s.

The lime rich water and soil make Lindean Loch unusual for Scotland.

Over 600 plant and animal species have been found in and around the loch.

The great diversity of life on the site led to it being designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1977.

A group representing ourselves, Selkirk Angling Association, Scottish Wildlife Trust and Scottish Natural Heritage manages the loch to maintain this rich diversity of life.


  • car parking
  • bird hide
  • fishing - boat fishing for Rainbow trout. You will need a permit to fish here

There is a jetty to allow anglers with disabilities access to the rowing boats.


Lindean Loch can be reached from the A699 Selkirk to St. Boswells road or from the A7 between Selkirk and Galashiels.

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Ranger service

Address: Council Headquarters
Newtown St. Boswells

Telephone: 01835 825070