Local licensing forum

We are required under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 to establish a Local Licensing Forum (LLF).

The role of the LLF

  • keep under review the liquor licensing system and the function of the Licensing Board in our area
  • give advice and make recommendations to the Board on such matters as they think appropriate
  • the LLF cannot comment on particular cases

How the LLF does this

  • considering the implications of relevant local data and statistics provided by appropriate organisations
  • identifying key licensing issues affecting the Scottish Borders and developing constructive advice on how to address them


The forum is appointed from members of the public:

  • S Bell
  • G Campbell
  • S Dalrymple
  • S Elliot - health service
  • PC Lackenby - Police Scotland
  • S Mabon
  • R MacKay
  • R McIntyre
  • M Wynne - Licensing
  • J Scott - Licensing
  • H Wood - Licensing

Appeal for new members

If you are keen to support the safe and regulated sale of alcohol across the Scottish Borders, the Local Licensing Forum is appealing for new members to come forward . The Forum is the community's voice on liquor licensing issues. If you are interested in the impact of the licensing decisions in your area then you may wish to be part of the Forum.

The aim is for the Forum membership to include:

  • residents from within the Forum area;
  • young people;
  • representatives of functions relating to health, education or social work;
  • holders of premises licences and personal licences (licensees)

The Forum meets at least four times a year at quarterly intervals and will have one joint meeting with the Licensing Board each year. This is an unpaid role, however, travel expenses will be met.

An application form is available to download.

More information about being a licensing forum member is available online.  

For more information, contact 01835 825198 or e-mail michael.wynne@scotborders.gov.uk


  • meetings of the LLF are held in public, usually at our Newtown St Boswells offices
  • you can view the LLF agenda and minutes online
  • the LLF and the Board also have a statutory annual joint meeting

Licensing objectives

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 is based on five licensing objectives. All licensing decisions must be made with reference to these five objectives. All are of equal importance. They are:

  1. preventing crime and disorder
  2. securing public safety
  3. preventing public nuisance
  4. protecting and improving public health
  5. protecting children from harm

LLF annual report

View the LLF annual report.

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Scottish Borders Alcohol Profile

The profile report is produced by the LLF, detailing evidence of alcohol related harm relevant to the Licensing Objectives and to support Licensing Board members

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Licensing Policy Review Guide

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Scottish Borders Alcohol Profile

This profile report is produced by the LLF, detailing evidence of alcohol related harm relevant to the Licensing Objectives and to support Licensing Board members

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