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Liquor licensing

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Liquor licensing

We administer the licensing of:

  • premises
  • personal licences
  • occasional licences
  • extended hours

You can view all liquor licencing application forms, guidance, conditions and fees on our website.

Contact the Licensing Unit for Licensing Board meeting dates.

Current liquor licensing applications

You can also view a list of all current premises/variation applications and current occasional and voluntary occasional licences received.

Contact the Licensing unit for assistance.

Personal Licence Refresher training

For all personal licence holders, further information and a calculator showing the date your personal licence refresher training must be undertaken together with FAQs can be found on the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders website.

Booking Personal Licence Holders Refresher training

You first need to book a place on a course with a training provider offering the required training. Under The Personal Licence (Training) (Scotland) Regulations 2013 (“the 2013 Regulations”) the required training is The Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) at SCQF(2) Level 6.

In terms of the 2013 Regulations you can submit evidence of your training to Scottish Borders Licensing Board’s Licensing Unit electronically, by email but please note that, as your original personal licence requires to be updated to contain details of your refresher training, your original personal licence also requires to be submitted to the Licensing Unit.

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