Research and data in the Scottish Borders: People

Reducing inequalities

Why is it important to have statistics about reducing inequalities?

One of the National Outcomes in the Scottish Government National Performance Framework states that "we tackle poverty by sharing opportunities, wealth and power more equally" in Scotland as a whole. It further states that:

"Scotland is a wealthy country and we have the resources, ability and commitment to provide a decent life for all our people. We are committed to eradicating poverty and hunger in Scotland." 

Our path in life must not be disadvantaged at birth by our gender, background or any other Equalities protected characteristic. We use the latest research and data to make sure Scottish Borders plays its part in making this outcome happen in our region. The information on this page is an analysis of the policy framework, the topics and the evidence base that informs this national outcome.

Scottish Borders Policy framework

The 2018-23 Scottish Borders Corporate Plan is key to our policy framework on how we plan to deliver services in the next five years. It consists of eight corporate priorities, which are informed by an evidence base, including the Strategic Assessment. 

Reducing poverty and disadvantage is built-in to all our Corporate Priorities and is also central to Priority 3 ("Support, care and protection") in the Scottish Borders Corporate Plan.

We have recently launched our 2021 Draft Scottish Borders Anti-poverty Strategy, which is currently out to consulation. 

Find out more about our current strategies aimed at reducing Child Poverty in Scottish Borders

Find out more about Multiple Deprivation in Scottish Borders.

Recent stategies aimed at reducing inequalities and tackling deprivation in Scottish Borders include the 2016-25 Reducing Inequalities Strategic Plan and Reducing Inequalities Strategic Plan Summary

Topic areas

There is a large amount of evidence from official statistics to inform poverty and deprivation research, across a wide range of topic areas. 

Poverty and deprivation

Adults with financial, legal or consumer worries

  • Citizens Advice Bureaux (CABx) activity
  • demographics of CABx clients
  • enquiries to CABx about welfare benefits, managing debt and Food Banks
  • adults who say they manage well for money or do not manage, on a day-to-day basis
  • families with children who do  not manage well for money
  • Scottish Welfare Fund, Crisis Grants and Community Care Grants
  • food insecurity

Safe and tolerable housing

  • enquiries to CABx about housing issues
  • homelessness
  • homeless deaths
  • temporary housing
  • housing insecurity

Supporting vulnerable adults

  • adults with learning disabilities
  • unpaid care providers and receivers

Official statsitics are available on some or all of these topics at a choice of different levels of geographical detail.  If you need help finding information, or would like to see what is available for your area, or need evidence or an area profile to support your policy objective, such as a funding application, contact the Research and Information Team using the contact details below.